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Why I'm not afraid of the hot sunshine

It is said that the heat of a record high this year is coming. You have to prepare everything in advance. How to protect yourself from the harsh summer sun and intense UV rays. Introducing Sleepy Sleep's linen bucket hat that will be a small shade for me.


It's changed like this

The biggest change is the detachable strap! No more worries about being blown away by the wind. And this 2020 season, I finished it through several samples to make it minimalistic and curved, rather than a more general bucket hat design. The long front brim has excellent UV protection. The simple portability that rolls up and fits comfortably in a bag has been applied as it is.



✓ Pleasant high-quality linen material even in midsummer
✓ Various expressions with removable straps
✓ Convenient portability to be rolled up and stored with strings
✓ Effective for UV protection due to a long front brim ✓ Thorough
finish such as lining and sewing


Linen made more solid

Made with 100% light and breathable linen, you can wear it comfortably even in midsummer. Linen's natural wrinkles also add to its appeal.


Versatile strap

Detach and wear the straps to your liking. The strap will be very useful on windy days.


Roll it up and fit it in your bag

Fold it in half without worrying about crushing it, roll it around and tie it with a string, and you're done! It fits well into a small mini bag.