Touch Sticker - Antibacterial and Antiviral Adhesive

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There is a  New way to Sanitize your hands!!

There is a Sticker that kills germs and viruses by TOUCH.

You probably never heard of it, but it is being used all over South Korea. The problem is... How often are we suppose to sanitize our hands? We usually forget to carry sanitizers with us.


What if you have sanitizers with you all the time?

The smartphone is the most frequently used object we touch daily, right?
According to statistics, Americans check their phones 58 times per day. That is a lot. Don't you agree?

Since you use your phone all the time, what if there is a solution that you can have a sanitizer directly on your phone that Kills Germs and Viruses by simply Touching it.



Introducing Touch Sticker!

This is the BEST phone accessory in 2020 and beyond.
The First and Only sanitizing adhesive ever developed.

Easy to apply! Just Stick it on the back of your phone. It is not bulky but subtle.

Easy to sanitize! Just Touch the sticker.

It's Long-Lasting! No need to change the sticker up to 6 months.
Cost Effective! 5 stickers in a box. 


Stick it. Touch it. It's Sanitized.


How does it kill germs and viruses?

Touch Sticker's patented inorganic porous material fused with zinc oxide  immediately destroys the viruses on contact. 

Why is this material so special?

First, the basic fabric used is an industrial filter paper, material used for a 3-stage water purification filter. When used as a sticker there is no need for waterproofing; concerns of tearing and surface deformation. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications that require antibacterial and deodorization.

Secondly, it creates a texture similar to a high-quality canvas material after the first precision surface coating is applied to the basic fabric. The coated material has these micro-pores making it as an absorbent for bacteria and odors to collect effectively. These micro-pores pushes the residual air layer out to eliminate inconveniences caused by air bubbles when installing the sticker.

Thirdly, the precision surface coated material is also printable, used with an eco-friendly ink to produce photo-graded high resolution prints with vivid saturation used for commercial printing.

Fourth, the adhesive of the surface coated material can be applied and re-used without any residue after removal of the sticker. We highly recommend to store the sticker in a tightly sealed ziplock bag to avoid air to maintain and preserve it's antibacterial effects and potency.

Certified and Approved for safety Globally

Lab tested and proven 99.9% antibacterial, 99.9% antiviral.





Is it safe for children and pets?

Yes, it’s chemicals have been certified and proven to have harmless ingredients (look at lab test results).


How durable is the sticker?

Very durable and pliable to any type of surface, wood, plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel.


How long does the sanitizing power last?

It can last up to a year if not touched, three to six months average depending on number of touches.


Can I peel and reapply the sticker again and again, and if so, how many times?

It has a special kind of adhesive formula that will allow you to peel and reapply to any surface repeatedly without any adhesive residues.

Please be aware, depending on how many touches and how the face of the sticker looks will indicate if you'll need to fully replace it with a fresh sanitizing Touch Sticker.


Is the sanitizing ingredient edible?

No, and we don’t recommend it.

The sanitizing surface consists of a zinc oxide ingredient, and though it is not dangerous we do not recommend for you to taste nor eat it.


Where did the Touch Sticker come from?

South Korea. When the pandemic hit in 2020 the city of Daegu in South Korea was the first major city that was affected the most. However, it was also one of the most proactive and responsive in controlling the spread of the virus.

The creator of the Touch Sticker learned quickly that other than hand sanitizers people needed an alternative sanitizing solution to maintain the safety of its citizens and developed this amazing sanitizing product to uphold the integrity of the first responders and health officials' awareness in managing the spread of the coronavirus within their country.


Is it waterproof and can I stick it on areas where it gets wet constantly?

Not recommended, because water will naturally block the material from absorbing the virus.

However, when the sticker dries up again then the potency and sustainable use remains it tact.


Can I print something on the surface of the sticker such as a warning statement or my logo?

Yes. It is a printable surface that may be used as a ‘statement’ sign.

We recommend using eco-friendly ink when printing on the surface of the antiviral antibacterial sticker.


What’s the difference between antiviral and antibacterial?

Antiviral is an agent that kills a virus or that suppresses its ability to replicate and, hence, inhibits its capability to multiply and reproduce.

Antibacterial is an agent that destroys bacteria or suppresses their growth or their ability to reproduce.


Why is it used as a deodorizer?

The surface of the sticker has a natural micro-porous material (invisible to the naked eye) when it’s sanitizing ingredients were fused together. The porous micro fiber reacts as a nano-vacuum that traps and kills the virus and absorbs the aerial odor that surrounds it.